Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday, Kristen Stewart!

Happy 21st Birthday, Kristen Stewart!

Posing for Vogue

OMG. It's Kristen Stewart's birthday today - her 21st no less!

The Los Angeles native racked up an impressive number of film and TV credits before 2008, but it was then that Twilight launched her into mega-stardom.

She's come a long way since those early brooding, awkward days. Okay, those days are still here, but a little less prevalent for the burgeoning A-lister.

With Breaking Dawn set to end the saga, she has a long, bright future ahead of her ... hopefully with co-star Robert Pattinson by her side throughout.

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Kristen Stewart Outtake
Kristen Stewart is featured in the February 2011 issue of Vogue. This is an outtake from that shoot.

Future Snow White?
Can you picture Kristen Stewart as Snow White? The actress is rumored to be up for that iconic role.

Kristen at a Premiere
Kristen Stewart is seen here at the premiere of Welcome to the Rileys. What do you think of her dress at the event?

Cute Smirk
This is pretty much as big of a smile as you'll ever see on Kristen Stewart. She's not one to exude emotion in public.


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