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Hayden Panettiere on how she screws her giant of a boyfriend

Hayden Panettiere on how she screws her giant of a boyfriend


Pipsqueak Hayden Panettiere has been dating gorgeous hunk of a man and boxing great Wladimir Klitschko on and off for about two years. I’ve made it clear how I feel about her in the past, and how I think she is in no way deserving of Klitschko. It’s not that she’s not cute in a very adolescent way, it’s just that she seems insufferable both in interviews and in stories I’ve read about her. Anyway Hayden’s hot boyfriend is 6′6″ and she’s just 5′1″. 

In an appearance on Ellen yesterday, she explained that people come up to her and ask her all the time how she manages to have sex with Klitschko. She didn’t get into specifics but she said the question didn’t bother her, because of course the bitch is proud that she’s nailing the world’s (current)* greatest heavyweight boxing champion, who wouldn’t be?

    In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that aired today, the Scream 4 star revealed that people actually come up to her to ask how the 5-foot-1 actress and her 6-foot-6 boxer beau, Wladimir Klitschko, um…you know.

    “He is quite a bit bigger than me,” Hayden said, when Ellen commented on the height differential. “I get the prudest people [to] come up to me, and they’re like,” she said, lowering her voice to a whisper, “‘Does it work?’”

    “Yeah, it works. We find a way,” the 21-year-old actress said.

    To which Ellen replied, “I know what you’re talking about and I’m in shock.”

    “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” Hayden insisted.

    “People ask you that?” Ellen said, still apparently rather shocked.

    “They do!” the one-time Heroes hero said. “And they’re very conservative people most of the time. They just have to know. Like have to know, ‘I just have to ask you this question!’”

    Ellen called such questions “crazy and rude,” but Hayden replied with a wave of her hand, “I don’t mind it. I find it amusing.”

    “Really?” Ellen wondered. “Well then, how does it work?”

[From E! Online]

Yes Hayden, now we’re all picturing you having sex with Klitschko. Mission accomplished. There are enough pictures of Hayden sitting on Klitschko’s lap to figure out how they work it out.

I guess she’s promoting Scream 4. I’ve only seen segments of the Scream movies and don’t really get their appeal. I watched the trailer though and I’m embarrassed to say it actually looks pretty good and that I want to see it now. It riffs on horror movie cliches but still manages to use them to entertain us. See, Hayden’s little story about how she gets to screw Klitschko served its purpose.

*I put in “current” because I don’t know much about sports and he could have been preceded by better boxers. According to wiki he “is historically the longest reigning Heavyweight Champion for the IBF, WBO & IBO Heavyweight Titles of both measurements of defenses and time.”







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