Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tina Fey flaunts her baby bump, will host the Mother’s Day SNL episode

Tina Fey flaunts her baby bump, will host the Mother’s Day SNL episode


These are some new photos of Tina Fey exiting the Ed Sullivan Theatre last night after taping a show with David Letterman. These are the first photos I’ve seen where Tina’s bump is really obvious. I’m really happy for her - she’s got it all! Happily married, one happy, healthy daughter and another baby on the way, a great career in television and film, and now a bestselling book, Bossypants. How does Tina juggle it all? As it Fey reminds the reader time and time again in Bossypants, not well. Apparently, there’s even a charming story about Oprah telling Tina that she shouldn’t be over-scheduling so much.

It’s also just been announced that Tina is going to host Saturday Night Live yet again - she’ll be the host for the May 7, the day before Mother’s Day. It should be a good one - Tina always gets the best writing when she’s on.

In other Fey news, a few days ago, (female) writer Curtis Sittenfeld wrote a piece for The New York Times about Tina Fey’s “place in the sisterhood” and whether or not Tina’s “girly” hilarity compares to the more traditional male-dominated humor-industrial complex. It’s an interesting piece, and worth a read if you like reading feminist essays about Tina Fey’s feminism. You can read it here.



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