Wednesday, April 6, 2011

January Jones Makes The Cover Of Mary Claire May 2011 Issue

January Jones Makes The Cover Of Mary Claire May 2011 Issue

The beautiful January Jones made the Marie Claire May issue and dished on her unsupportive now-ex boyfriend Ashton Kutcher and how she’s had a hard time because of her looks.

Ashton Kutcher was the actress’s boyfriend for three years and has been widely rumoured to have told January that she would never make it as an actress. When asked about him, she winced and said:
“I don’t comment about that.”
“And I never commented about him.”
If the rumour is true, Ashton was quite wrong! When asked whether Mad Men made a visible impact on her bank account, January laughed and said:
‘Financially, we don’t get paid very much on the show and that’s well-documented. On the other hand, when you do television you have a steady pay cheque each week, so that’s nice.’
In regards to the quote that has been circling the media of January supposedly attributing her modelling career to ‘showing all those bitches in high school who said I wasn’t pretty’, she completely denies it.
“Where are you getting this shit? It sounds like something I might have said when I was, like, 15. The bitches in high school were bitches because I was pretty.”
And if you think she’s unhappy? Not true in the least!
“Everybody writes that they think I’m so unhappy,” Jones said. “I’m in my own head. I’m doing things. Keeping things interesting.”


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